Film-Strip-BannerSNC Media Pro is a video production service in Elk Grove, a city in the county of Sacramento.  We specialize in professional, quality and affordable video ads and marketing.   We also produce exciting videos for promoting your events, special occasions and announcements.  SNC Media Productions offers you superior web video services, and also helps you gain more product and brand awareness with professional video .

Video marketing has become essential to market growth.  Distributing your video to a variety of channels helps you get the most out of your video investment.  By using other venues such as  YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc you can draw people back onto your site.   By using social media and other new trends in technology, we’ll increase your online presence to generate more traffic onto your site.

Why do you need SNCMediaPro?

We all know that the success of most business is generated by good sales people.  With Websites this can be accomplished by adding our products known as “Talking Website” and/or “Virtual Studio”.  Adding multimedia to your home page makes it more personalized and is a good attention grabber.  People are more likely to watch a video than read text. They are also more likely to remember what they has seen and heard than just read.  It helps with your Search Engine Optimization by decreasing your Bounce Rate.  Bounce rate is a measurement of how long the viewer stays on your website.  A lower bounce rate means that your viewers will stay on your website longer. Most people will rather watch an entertaining video than read.  Websites with multimedia such as Story telling, Stop Motion and Video Ads will be able to convey their information through visual effects before the reader has lost his/her interest.  In addition videos are easier to comprehend.

Film Strip Beach CarGraphic Enhancement is the process where the original picture is modified to make it more appealing to the audience.  Some of the techniques used are combining two or more pictures, adding exotic backgrounds, and proper use of fonts and colors.  This technique is useful for creating dramatic posters or cover for a front page.


Our Key to successful video production:


A DIRECTOR:  At SNC Media Pro, we provide quality video but no one knows your business more than you do.  Become the director and tell us your vision.  Nobody knows your story like you do and we will do our very best to produce it.

Home_savemoney AFFORDABILITY: We know there are many video production companies and we are aware of how much they charge.  Which makes it difficult for a small-business owner to compete with a larger company.  Our solution is ready- made ads that can be personalized to suit your needs.  Our ready-made ads start at $25 per video.

Home_CompatabilityCOMPATIBILITY:  Currently, most videos use a flash viewer that is not compatible with some tablets and smart phones.  While some Videos are using HTML5 viewers, it’s not compatible with some old browsers.  At SNCMediaPro, we have developed a viewer that will work with all major old and new browser, including Tablets and Smart phones.  Why limit your exposure?  More and more people each day browses the Internet using tablets.


The key to creating effective communication solutions is to never forget your audience. We like to think of ourselves as your Audience Advocates. Analyzing every aspect of the production process from the eyes of your audience is how we successfully make your vision a reality.  Contact us and we’ll show you how! The results will speak for themselves.